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Virtual Railroading

Welcome to the fascinating virtual world of railroading. We specialize in providing the model railroader and virtual railroader with ebooks and route building kits that are designed to bring your model railroading or virtual railroading experience to the next level of realism.

Each railroad we feature as a kit is thoroughly researched. We provide you with its history, route maps, suggested layout designs, and for the virtual railroader, the DEM data needed to create the actual terrain for the railroad in your favorite train simulator. After you build your layout or virtual railroad, we explore train operations and how to set up the layout or route for authentic operations.

If you purchase the route kit you will receive a CD that contains:


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At the foot of Mt. Rainier in the beautiful state of Washington; SEPC publishes ebooks and other multimedia presentations and products for the discriminating model railroader and virtual railroader.